#COROSFartlek Challenge

Ever tried a fartlek?

(Swedish for speed play), is a form of interval or speed training that can be effective in improving your running speed and endurance. Fartlek running involves varying your pace throughout your run, alternating between fast segments and slow jogs.

Complete two sessions of fartlek training in a week and stand a chance to win COROS Gym Bag or Windbreaker.  5 lucky winners will be selected every week within the challenge period.


How to participate?

Step 1: Choose your challenge period.

Choose to do the challenge in Week 1 or Week 2 and complete two sessions of fartlek training within your chosen week.






Week 1

01.10 – 08.10




Week 2

09.10 – 16.10



COROS Windbreaker


Step 2: Download your training plan


Session 1

Session 2

Person A

Option 1

Option 1

Person B

Option 2

Option 2

Person C

Option 1

Option 2

Select one between the two options of fartlek training plan below or you can also do a mixed options in your weekly challenge. Examples are as follows,


Click the link or scan a QR code, open and save the training plan on COROS App, go to - - - and then sync it to your watch.

Option 1: Fartlek Challenge

Option 2: Fartlek Challenge


1km WU > (Fartlek of 2.5km [500m speed> 500m easy]) > 500m CDTotal distance = 4KM



1km WU > (Fartlek of 5km [500m speed> 500m easy]) > 500m CD

Total distance = 6.5KM



      Tips & Advice

      1. Fartlek training is a type of speed workout for runners, we strongly advise you to do a proper warm up and cool down during the session to prevent injury.

      2 .If you are a beginner or a leisure runner, it is recommended to select OPTION 1. If you want to take on a harder challenge with more intensity effort, you can go for OPTION 2.

      3.Do this challenge on a flat road or a running track for more efficiency.


      Step 3: Collage your challenge card

      Download the challenge card here, collage it with your COROS Watermark workout photo and a screenshot of your session split [Pace Graph] from your COROS App. Example is as follows,

      Do one sample collage!


      Step 4: Share in on your social media platform

      Share your challenge card on your social media news feed and re-share it to COROS Malaysia User Group with both the #COROSFARTLEK and #COROSMALAYSIA hashtags each time after you have finished your training session. *Make sure all the related posts are set to public.


      Step 5:

      After you have completed two sessions weekly, submit your entry at our official website www.coros.my. – (challenge page link)


      Official Rules

      • Open to COROS users residing in Malaysia only.
      • Only participants who fulfil the challenge mechanism stated above shall be eligible to win.
      • Only 5 winners will be randomly selected weekly and each person can only win once.
      • #COROSFARTLEK challenge card must be submitted on COROS Malaysia official website before the last day of the specific week’s challenge by 23:59.
      • Only workout dated within the challenge period are accepted.
      • Any participant who caught cheating will be disqualified without notice.
      • Each winner will receive a COROS Gymbag.
      • COROS Malaysia reserves the rights to make changes to the terms & conditions without prior notice.
      • COROS Malaysia reserves the right in its absolute discretion to select the winner and such decision shall be final and conclusive.
      • For any enquiries, please pm us on our Official Facebook Page – COROS MALAYSIA